About Coker Automotive

Brett W. Coker

Brett Coker has over 40 years of retail dealership and consulting experience in all areas of dealership operation including fixed and variable operations and is considered an expert in the field of fixed operations.

As vice-president of Automotive Service Consultants (ASC), Mr. Coker developed, piloted, and rolled-out numerous nationwide training programs for BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Jaguar, HMA and Saturn, as well as providing consulting and training services for dozens of dealerships in the U.S. and Canada. He has performed innumerable workshops, seminars, 20-group meetings, and is a NADA National Convention Workshop Speaker. As a recognized industry expert, he has provided expert testimony in prominent legal cases, has written numerous industry articles, and has produced over 100 service department e-training videos. Mr. Coker also moderates independent and RV service 20-Groups, performs in-dealership consulting (franchise auto, RV and marine, and independent automotive), and Management/Service Advisor training nationwide. He also serves as the off-site Fixed Operations Director for a large dealership group.

Mr. Coker attended Wake Forest University, has CMC accreditation with the Institute of Management Consultants, attended the NADA Dealer Candidate Academy, and is a certified "Train the Trainer" with the Outside Services and Consulting (OSC) division.

Ken Coker

Ken Coker has over 35 years of successful retail experience, with over 30 years of automotive dealership and consulting experience. He has served as a new car sales manager, used car sales manager, general sales manager, F&I manager, service manager, and fixed operations manager, and comptroller for dealerships selling and servicing both domestic and import vehicles.

As a project manager for Automotive Service Consultants (ASC), Ken was the manager for the Toyota Certified Collision Center Program, the Jaguar financial statement conversion program, the Hyundai fixed operations improvement program, and moderated numerous 20-group meetings. Ken was also the National Manager of North American operations for Summit Consulting prior to starting Coker Automotive Consultants.

Ken has moderated and taught in literally hundreds of meetings, seminars, and fixed operations training classes worldwide. He has written twenty-two fixed operations training courses, including courses on profitability, process improvement, and sales enhancement techniques. He has trained over 200 fixed operations managers in profitability and process improvement in his consulting career and is currently providing consulting and training services for over 50 active clients in the U.S. and Canada.

Mr. Coker attended the University of Oklahoma and currently owns and operates Coker Automotive Consultants in conjunction with Brett Coker.


Gregg has over 40 years of experience in retail dealerships and dealership consulting, both in fixed operations and variable operations. 

Upon graduation from Wake Forest University with a BA in Business, Gregg started from the ground up in the make-ready department at a Pontiac dealership.  From there he worked in Accounting, Parts, Service, Body Shop, Vehicle Sales, and F&I, including subprime.


Gregg developed one of the first automated database service reminder systems in the late 80’s, and has produced several service performance tracking database programs.  In addition, Gregg has designed a tracking program for BDC as well as a BDC operations guide.  Gregg has also created processes to enhance the customer experience by tracking defecting customers, your most loyal customers, and previously loyal customers. He has performed several

workshops for advisors and managers, as well as in-dealership training for advisors, technicians, managers, and upper management. 

Gregg has also worked with a major aftermarket quick service operation in improving their processes and add-on sales.  Recognized as a leading authority in the Express Service field, Gregg has worked with hundreds of dealerships in implementing, training, and design of Express Operations.