Knowledgeable In-Dealership Consulting

"We are on track to increase our service department net profit by $300,000 in the first year!" 

Our in-dealership consulting services will make a substantial and immediate impact on your service department's bottom line. Our goal is for the dealership to completely recoup their investment in our services in less than 60-90 days. Our focus is primarily on:

  • Increasing Labor & Parts Sales
  • Increasing Gross Profit Retention
  • Increasing Customer Retention
  • Controlling Expenses
  • Improving CSI
  • Improving Net Profit
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Service Department Profit Improvement Programs

  • Total Service Analysis
  • An In-Depth, On-Site Analysis of the Service Operation
  • Service Advisor Selling Skills
  • Repair Order Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Market Position & Opportunities
  • Pricing & Sales Tools
  • Profit Opportunities
  • Departmental Expense Analysis
  • Shop Efficiency

At the conclusion of this 2-day engagement, we will perform an exit interview with dealership management and provide a complete report within 5 days outlining our objective analysis of the service operation and what profit opportunities are available. 

Service Advisor Sales Training

We will train your service writers on how to become service salespeople.

  • Hands-On Sales Training in the Drive
  • Training Sessions in Seminar Setting
  • Coaching & Counseling

All of this is designed to equip the service salesperson to:

  • Overcome Objections
  • Close the Deal
  • Retain the Customer
  • Improve CSI
  • Improve Menu Sales
  • Increase Gross Profit Retention
  • Enjoy Their Career

Upon completion of this training, your service salespeople will have the techniques and the confidence to handle the most difficult selling situations and improve their Flat Rate Hours per RO (FRH/RO) average credibly and professionally. Cost varies depending on the number of advisors.

Service Merchandising Program

Objectives of the Service Merchandising Program are:

  • Improve FRH/RO Average
  • Increase Gross Profit Retention
  • Increase Parts Sales
  • Improve Shop Productivity & Efficiency
  • Retain More Customers

During this 5-day/1-visit or 7-day/2-visit engagement, we will:

  • Perform a Market Analysis to Determine our Pricing & Sales Opportunities
  • Design, Develop, and/or Revamp Sales Tools Such as Menus and Multi-Point Inspections
  • Implement Market-Driven Pricing
  • Improve Sales of "Gravy" Type Work
  • Improve Price Perceptions in the Marketplace
  • Improve Our Gross Profit Retention & ELR
  • Train the Service Advisors
  • Effective Sales Presentations
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Improving Customer Retention & CSI
  • Closing the Sale
  • Implement Performance Tracking
  • Key Performance Numbers (that a Service Manager Must Know & Control)
  • "You can't manage what you can't measure"
  • Exit Interview & Report
  • Detail of the Merchandising Elements and Procedures Necessary to Continue the Improvement Process

Total Service Net Profit Program

Objectives of the Total Service Net Profit Program are:

  • Improve Department Sales
  • Improve Gross Profit Retention
  • Reduce Department Expenses
  • Improve Department Efficiency
  • Improve Customer Retention
  • Improve CSI
  • Improve Bottom Line Net Profit

This 10-day engagement over 3 visits includes all of the elements of the Service Merchandising Program, plus:

  • Design & Printing of Full-Color Menus for One Franchise
  • Review & Redesign of Pay Plans
  • Review of Marketing & Advertising Efforts
  • Design of Custom Reports & Tracking Methods
  • Additional Service Advisor Sales Training
  • Training of Service Manager (Who Must "Carry the Torch" After We Leave)
  • One Month of "Service Advisor Success — One Idea at a Time" Video Series
  • Training on How to Conduct an Effective and Powerful Sales Meeting
  • Follow-On Training Approximately 90 Days after Second Visit

The Total Service Net Profit Program will make immediate, substantial, and ongoing improvements in the net profit of the service department. All elements of a successful service operation (excepting for advanced production techniques) will be addressed during this 10-day engagement.