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Guest Speaking

The principals of Coker Automotive Consultants are experienced at and available for speaking engagements for 20-groups, manufacturer meetings, dealer-group workshops, and Service and Parts association meetings. From 2 hour "mini-workshop" to half- or whole-day presentations, Coker Automotive Consultants can provide a valuable and educational addition to your seminars or meetings.

Additionally, we can moderate dealer-group fixed operation meetings as well as compile composites, develop material, and present topics of interest.  

Sample Topics

Identifying Key Performance Indicators

There are a handful of key performance indicators that reveal the strengths and weaknesses of a service operation. Financial statements are valuable but are an "after the fact" document and they reveal what happened but not always why it happened

Identifying Controlling Factors

Dealerships typically have a wealth of information available to them from their DMS providers. This information is necessary but what is much more important is to identify what is driving those numbers

Financial Statement Analysis

We can work with any style financial statement and train on how to understand the operating statement, where the numbers come from, what they are telling you, and what to do with that information

Market Driven Pricing

How to shop the competition and establish service pricing that promotes positive price perceptions while producing maximum gross profit

How to Hold a Service Sales Meeting

New and used sales departments perform regular sales meetings. Since Service Advisors see more customers every day and produce more gross profit than any salesperson, shouldn't they also receive regular sales training through sales meetings?

Multi-Point Inspections

The multi-point inspection process produces additional parts and labor sales, provides a valuable service to the customer, and improves shop productivity and efficiency.

The Service Sales Process

The steps that a professional Service Advisor should take with a customer to improve sales and customer retention.

The Professional Service Sales Manager

Service managers must learn how to manage the sales activities and salespeople in their department.

Expense Analysis and Control

How to identify, control, and reduce operating expenses in fixed operations.     

The Active Delivery

This important process leaves the customer with a lasting impression of our dealership and, therefore, is critical to the total service process.

The Value of Customer Retention

By the end of the warranty period, the average dealership retains less than 30% of their service customers. An increase of only 10% in customer retention pays huge dividends.

Understanding Today's Customer

What customers want, how the market is changing, and how to cater to today's customer.

Dealing With Customer Perceptions of the Dealership

Customer perceptions are long-lasting and difficult to change. We'll discuss factors that influence those perceptions and how to build positive perceptions rather than negative ones.