Profit Potential Calculator

Here is the WII-FM--What's IIFor Me? Call us at (205) 337-2542 and we will be happy to prepare a customized Profit Potential Analysis for you.

Any increases in performance depend on many factors and what Coker Automotive Consultants services you select. However, we feel that by utilizing our services, you will experience increased closing ratios, higher Flat Rate Hours per RO (FRH/RO) averages, and an increase in Effective Labor Rate (ELR). Use the following as a starting point to calculate increases in FRH/RO & ELR:

Service Advisor On-Line training videos will increase FRH/RO by at least 2/10ths.

You may expect at least 2/10 increase in your FRH/RO average (some clients have experienced increases up to 1.0 FRH!) and an increase in closing ratio as well as CSI. Increases in Effective Labor Rates may occur due to increased closing of repair estimates and increased maintenance sales, although to be conservative, we do not make any projections of increased ELR if you utilize the Service Advisor sales training videos.

In-dealership consulting services will increase FRH/RO, ELR, and Closing Ratio

Depending on the consulting package selected and your current performance, you will obtain increases in Effective Labor Rates, FRH/RO, closing ratios, and traffic (RO counts). One rule of thumb is that your current Customer Pay Effective Labor Rate should equal or exceed your warranty rate, unless your warranty rate is well below or above the local market. In most cases, we are able to increase Effective Labor Rates at least by $6.00 while at the same time overcoming the customer's perception that dealerships are high-priced.

Closing Ratio

With both the sales training videos as well as in-dealership consulting, you will achieve increases in closing ratio. However, with current technology and tracking procedures, it is extremely difficult to quantify increases in closing ratios. To be conservative, therefore, we only project one additional RO closed per day.