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Coker Automotive Consultants specializes in fixed operations (service, parts, and body shop) management consulting and training for retail automotive dealerships and independent service & repair facilities. Our focus is on improving fixed operations profitability, customer retention, and CSI.

Coker Automotive Consultants offers real-world solutions for the automotive industry, with tested results in improving customer retention, CSI, and profitability. Our extensive in-dealership backgrounds allow us to provide solutions that work in practice, not in theory! Our hundreds of satisfied clients are proof that our training and consulting deliver financial results that are measurable and sustainable.

Service Advisor Success -- One Idea At a Time

The most powerful and cost-effective Service Advisor sales training available.

New and used salespeople have regular sales meetings, why shouldn't we do the same for service salespeople who see 15-25 customers a day?

Click here to watch a free training session for your most profitable salespeople.
Service "Sales" Manager Training

Transform your service managers and service departments into sales managers and highly profitable sales departments.
24/7 interactive Eautotraining

Online, interactive training for:
  • Service Advisors
  • Service Managers
  • Salespeople
  • Other dealership personnel

What 's different about Coker Automotive Consultants?

We train variable and fixed operations automotive personnel, including the service department, parts department, and body shop, as well as perform in-dealership consulting and fixed operations management training to improve fixed operations profitability, processes, and customer handling skills.  Our goal is to return your investment in less than 90 days through improved gross profitability while improving customer retention and CSI.  We do not claim to be able to increase your Flat Rate Hours per RO (FRH/RO) averages to 3.0-4.5 FRH/RO or improve your Effective Labor Rate $20-$30 per FRH. Yes, we could do this, but the long-term impact on customer retention is counter-productive.  What we focus on is improving fixed operations profitability AND customer retention, which is more beneficial short-term and long-term.

Coker Automotive Consultants

Phone: (205) 337-2542
Email: info@cokerconsultants.com



Total Service Analysis

An in-depth, on-site analysis of your service operations. This two day visit includes:

  • Assessment of Service Advisor selling skills
  • Repair order analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Market position and opportunities
  • Pricing and sales tools
  • Profit opportunities
  • Process review and improvements
  • Customer Retention Analysis
  • Customized Game Plan to achieve increased profits

Profit Potential Calculator

What kind of profit increases can you expect to obtain from our services and products? If you increased your FRH/RO by 2/10 a FRH, how much does that increase your gross? What impact on gross does increasing ELR have? See for yourself...


FRH/RO Death Spiral

Winning the Price War

LOF--good thing or bad thing?

If it's Fixed, it's probably broken.

It's about relationships, not transactions

Where have all the customers gone?

"This has been the best investment I have ever made. If anybody wants a reference, tell them to call me!"

-Joe Gilsdorf, Henry GM

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